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The Minds Behind DPW

Get to know the passionate individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes to bring the best digital procurement experience in the industry.

Matthias Gutzmann

Founder & Board Member

In 2018, frustrated by the lack of affordable options for procurement conferences, Matthias took a leap of faith. Leaving his job in New York, he moved to Germany, invested his savings, and launched DPW.

The result? A groundbreaking event in September 2019, attracting 400+ industry leaders from 33 countries. Prior to DPW, he spearheaded Procurement Leaders' entry into North America.

Herman Knevel

CEO & Board Member

As DPW's new CEO, Herman aims to lead in procurement and supply chain tech, fostering impactful connections.

With 20+ years in strategy and innovation advisory, he excels in making innovation impacts tangible, aligning strategy, identifying needs, and executing at scale. He advocates for ambidextrous organizations, managing existing operations while exploring new opportunities.

Mark Perera

Chairman & Board Member

Mark Perera is a visionary entrepreneur passionate about transforming procurement, supply chain, and sustainability through cutting-edge technology.

He founded Procurement Leaders in 2004, growing it into the world's largest network for procurement executives. Perera also co-founded Vizibl, a leading SaaS platform for supplier collaboration, and Supplier Day, a platform for virtual supplier events. A recognized thought leader, he co-authored the book "Procurement with Purpose" to drive positive change and decarbonize supply chains.  

Monique Alblas

Head of Consulting

Monique Alblas heads DPW LABS, DPW's consulting arm, driving Procurement's value enhancement worldwide.

With 20+ years' experience, including roles at Accenture and GEP, she guides companies globally in their digital transformation, from point solution scouting to full landscape design. Additionally, she contributes to nlmtd B.V., DPW's partner, focusing on strategy and innovation in procurement.

Martijn Vrijken

Senior Events Manager

Martijn is our Senior Events Manager at DPW. He has extensive tech conference experience from his role at TNW, where he managed their events for close to seven years.

His love for events already started during his studies where he co-founded an events and concepting company that placed activations at festivals on a weekly basis. His six-month intermezzo at Walt Disney in Orlando did add to his contagious enthusiasm.

Simone Heeremans

Head of Production

Simone, our creative Head of Production loves to be surrounded by motivated people that have an urge to create beautiful things. She is focused on details, communication, design, and has extensive technical knowledge. 

She has experience managing large scale events such as TNW, Hashicorp, and Barry Callebaut. Besides producing events she also works as a show director. 

Karim Youssef

Creative Director

Karim does everything creative at DPW, drawing from rich collaborations with the UN, Expedia, INDG, Nestle, and Philip Morris.

His passion for brand strategy ensures compelling narratives resonate deeply. With a background steeped in innovation, Karim crafts immersive digital experiences that captivate audiences worldwide, fostering meaningful connections and driving brand success.

Junior Brinkers

Head of Sales

Junior is experienced in Marketing, Sales, and Operations with 12+ years in consumer goods. He has previously led global strategic growth and innovation plans for Unilever, boosting sales and resource planning. 

With proven success in leading business units and projects, driving significant growth across the world, Junior is a valuable asset for DPW's strategic objectives.

Ishaan Dua

Digital Marketing Lead

Ishaan manages all things Digital Marketing at DPW. He aims to create a well oiled digital marketing machine at DPW that is creative, while still being efficient and data driven.

With prior experience at incumbents like L'Oreal and Philips as well as fast growing tech startups, Ishaan has a broad range of experience in a variety of marketing domains.